Classes & Meetings

Booking Information and Rates for Classes and Meetings

Individuals and community groups are invited to use the facility when not booked for Citadel events. Bookings for meeting and programs are done on a first-come, first-served basis. Basic rates depend on facility needs.

Educational Programs:

Simple weeknight program, up to four hours, ending no later than 10 PM:

Saturday or Sunday afternoon ending no later than 6 PM unless pre-arranged with management:

Peer workshops:

Sliding Scale


Citadel-sponsored programs/workshops:

Rental fees and door management to be pre-arranged with management.

Simple meetings and discussion groups:

Sliding Scale

Local leather community groups:

Call for pricing

If you are a local leather organization, and especially not-for-profit chartered, we often discount meeting time based on availability and also support that we receive from your group.

Photo & Video Shoots

SF Citadel is a 7,000 square foot facility. The main floor is well appointed for all sort of video and production uses.

The previous usage for the building was as a dance club and while this isn't our usage, the architectural features of the space lends itself to a variety of video and photographic possibilities. The spacious main area features a large lighted floor that is slightly raised from the rest of the area. The entrance area serves as a “neutral zone” for intake and/or check-in with lockers for storing clothes and personal items. There is a large social area with multiple couches and a more relaxed space.

There are secondary rooms which can also be easily set up for production meetings, crew meals, and other small gatherings. Two bathrooms, break room in a modified Bar setting. There is also a variety of BDSM related furniture which can be moved aside or serve as props.

Please contact us for rates and availability